What to know about me

My name is Ishani Chettri. I am a recent graduate of the George Washington University with a Bachelor's of Arts in Journalism & Mass Communications with a Minor in International Affairs. My hometown is South Brunswick, New Jersey, but I developed a fondness for D.C., which makes me eager to return as soon as possible!

This website is a culmination of the work I have completed in the last four years aka my digital portfolio. As you explore the site, there will be numerous links and embeds of the various content and papers I have produced on a multitude of topics.

I truly believe that learning as much as you can about whatever currently excites you can result in innovative projects and intelligent discussions. Hence my variety of interests that include all things space to LGBTQ+ rights in Asian societies to D.C. locals. 

If you are an employer, here are some tidbits:  

I'm always ready to learn — skills, websites, programs, strategies, you name it! 

I work better with positive feedback and proper recognition of said work. 

I prefer working in-person as I like getting to know my teammates and bosses. 

And that's me! If my work fits what you're looking for, feel free to send me an email or contact me through this website. Enjoy my portfolio!

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